4 Bonuses of Homeownership That You May Not Have Thought Of

When weighing the pros and cons of homeownership, some significant benefits often come to mind, like the equity that will accumulate from your home or avoiding rising rent prices due to inflation. However, homeownership is more than just a wise financial investment. Here are 4 bonuses of homeownership that you may not have thought of.

4 Bonuses of Homeownership That Can Enrich Your Life

Have Your Own Garage 

Those who rent a house or apartment know the struggle that parking can be. Parking can be a pain, whether sharing a driveway with roommates or finding a spot at your apartment complex. Homeownership provides relief from the stress of parking. Not to mention that your garage offers extra space for DIY projects, band practice, or even a backup area for parties if it rains. Another added bonus that Michiganders will certainly appreciate is that you won’t spend winter mornings scraping ice and snow off your car.

Enjoy Extra Closet Space

Many apartments lack room for adequate closet space. The result is sharing closet space with a significant other or struggling to organize your closet to fit everything. A great bonus of homeownership that you may not have thought of is what that extra closet space could mean for you. Extra closet space means more built-in storage for clothes, linens, seasonal decor and cleaning products.

Depending on the closet size, you could repurpose for a small craft room, reading nook or anything you feel like creating.

Plant a Garden

Home purchasing gives people with a green thumb plenty of space to plant a garden. Instead of just hanging planters from windows, homeowners have plenty of greenery to get creative with and relieve some stress. Another bonus of gardening at your home is the ability to grow your own food during inflation and save money. With your own garden, fresh fruits and vegetables can become a regular staple at your table.

Plant a Garden

Create a Pet Friendly Environment

A major bonus of homeownership is creating a pet-friendly environment on your own terms. Some rentals don’t allow pets or limit your pet’s weight or breed. Homeownership provides more freedom to adopt your next furry family member and gives them room to stretch their legs in the backyard. While you may still have city bylaws regarding pet breeds, homeownership provides more freedom when adopting a pet than renting does.

Those are just 4 bonuses of homeownership that you may not have thought of, but they can have a significant impact on your daily life. Homeownership fosters community, enriches homeowners’ life, and gives them peace of mind with rising inflation. If you’ve been dreaming of homeownership, speak with your trusted mortgage professional to learn how to make it a reality!

Making the Dream of Homeownership Come True, Julie Krumholz

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