Looking to upgrade your home without embarking on a time-consuming, expensive project? These home improvement hacks are quick, easy and, best of all, cheap!

1. Switch up your couch

The easiest way to bring new life to your couch is undoubtedly to add some new throw pillows. But there’s a great way to save money and still get a fresh new look. If you already have throw pillows, don’t waste money on completely replacing them. Simply unzip and buy new covers. A whole new look at a fraction of the cost.


2. Add wood panelling to your walls

This project is a surprisingly straightforward way to achieve a really classy new aesthetic in your home.
The most hassle-free way to achieve this is to simply purchase moulded panels from your local DIY store. These can be attached to the wall with a handful of nails and some adhesive.


3. Introduce mood lighting

Nothing ruins a well put-together room quicker than poor lighting. Switch off your ceiling light and invest in some upgrades. Carefully placed lamps can provide ample light as well as accentuate key features in your decor. Uplights behind consoles or in corners creates a splash of light that spills up the walls. A handful of lamps and spotlights will set you back less than $150 and can make all the difference. If you want to splurge, fit them all with smart bulbs so they can turned on and off together with one command.

4. Upcycle tired furniture

Bare wood is becoming much less fashionable, especially dark woods like mahogany. You can pick up vintage wooden furniture, or you may already own pieces that just don’t do it for you anymore.

Give them a new lease of life with a coat of paint. Most will need to be primed first but a can of primer and a can of paint will hardly break the bank, especially if you can shop the discounted stock at your local hardware store – you can find some incredible bargains and give your house a whole new look!

5. Get Creative with vintage books

We all have things in our homes we’d like to hide away. Cables and routers can all be made so much more stylish when hidden inside a leather bound book. You can pick these up for cents at thrift stores. Simply remove the pages from inside the binding and you have a tasteful, sneaky little compartment to tuck any unsightly tech away. With a bread knife and a little trickery you can create a whole shelf of ‘books’ behind which you can hide anything at all.

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