Michigan First Time Homebuyers: Commonly Overlooked Factors When Buying a House

Be a Savvy Homebuyer: Tackle these Commonly Overlooked Factors When Buying a House

When it comes to buying a house, there are so many things happening at once it’s easy to lose track everything that needs attention.  Below we list some common things first time homebuyers regret neglecting during their home search and share some tips on how to stay in control during this stressful time.

1. The Condition of the Roof

It’s always best to opt for a home survey before signing contracts, but some surveys do not include the roof as standard.  Make sure to ask the seller when it was last replaced and repaired.  If you have any doubt at all consider investing in a specific survey of the roof – it could save you thousands in the long run.

2. Neighbors

During every single house viewing get into the habit of asking about the neighbors. Difficult or unpleasant neighbors can make your life a nightmare, but it’s also worth checking if your lifestyle fits in with theirs too.  Pets, children, your social life and hobbies all have an impact on the people living around you so it’s worth assessing whether your neighbors are a good fit for you (and vice versa) to avoid any discomfort further down the line.

Find out as much from the seller as you can. You may even want to introduce yourself to some of the neighbors and ask them about the neighborhood too. Remember your viewing will be a brief snapshot of what the neighborhood is like.  Visiting on a Tuesday afternoon could give you a rosy impression but what’s it like on a Saturday morning? A Friday night? Consider taking a drive through the street at a few different times to asses noise, activity levels and parking if these things are important to you.

3. Staging

You may be expecting some element of staging in a new-build but homeowners can also be clever when it comes to presenting a property to its greatest advantage.  High-cost interiors and fancy gadgets can dazzle potential buyers into not looking too closely at the really important things.

Remember that all this finery and furniture will be gone when you move in and you’ll be left with the bare bones of the house.  Savvy homebuyers look past smoke & mirrors and concentrate on structural features; walls floors and ceilings. And if you want furniture moved so you can take a closer look at these things it’s absolutely ok to ask.

4. Water Pressure

Low water pressure is tedious and difficult to live with.  When viewing a house always turn on the taps, flush the toilet and try the shower.  It might feel a little strange but is, in fact, standard practice when checking out a property – sellers and real estate agents are used to it and shouldn’t be remotely opposed to you taking the plumbing for a little test-drive before you make a commitment.  This could save you money, misery and hassle once you actually move in.

5. Landscape Maintenance

Whether you’re green-thumbed or have no time for the outdoors it’s important to be realistic about what you want from outside space before leaping into a purchase.  Is it something you will quickly grow out of, or something you don’t have time to maintain?

If you don’t enjoy yard work, make sure you’re thinking clearly about maintenance and what you can commit to.  When viewing a house, a beautifully landscaped garden is an exciting prospect but chances are the sellers put in a lot of effort to achieve it.  If you’re not willing to match their dedication it can quickly become overwhelming and unsightly – perhaps a low-maintenance patio would suit you better.

Or if you have dreams of a children running around a lawn, or horticultural ambitions it’s important to think about whether the garden presents a long-term possibility for you, and perhaps your growing family.

6. Connectivity

This one’s simple – in the last few years our lives increasingly rely on high-speed internet and mobile phone signal.  If these things are important to you and your lifestyle DO NOT wait until you move in to find that connectivity is poor.  Check out the area on signal maps, check mobile signal and the seller’s internet provider and status during the viewing. You might not realize how much this issue could affect you until it’s too late.

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