4 Benefits of Shopping for a New Home During the Autumn

Benefits of Buying in the Fall

Although spring is the most popular time for homebuyers, Autumn, or the “ber months” may be the perfect time to find your cozy new home. Houses that didn’t sell during the spring and summer will still be on the market and sellers will be eager to get things settled and move before the end of the year.

Less Competition from Other Buyers

The market is flooded with buyers during the spring and summer months but as temperatures begin to drop, so do the amount of buyers. This means you may be able to avoid bidding wars, and with less buyers, sellers may be more inclined to lower their asking price than they would during the spring and summer.

Less Pressure to Buy

When you shop for a home during the hottest real estate season, you may feel pressured to make a decision quickly and settle for less. This is especially true with the current shortage of Michigan homes. With less buyers in the fall, you may be able to shop at a slower pace and choose a home that better suits you and your family’s needs.

Year-End Merchandise Sales

Looking to upgrade your new home after moving in? Holiday shopping begins in the fall and retailers will have sales on things like appliances, electronics, carpeting, paint, tools and more. In fact, according to recent data from consumer reports, the best time to buy interior paint, mattresses and snow blowers was in October. November was the best time to buy refrigerators and TVs.

Receive More Attention During the Slower Months

When you shop for a home in the spring or summer, everyone in the real estate industry is extremely busy and it may be hard to book appointments with realtors, inspectors and title companies. In the fall, things start to slow down which means more openings when booking appointments and your real estate professional will be able to devote more time to your home buying needs.

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