Oakland County Mortgage Lender Says Optimism is Growing Among Young, First-Time Homebuyers

New research has revealed a renewed sense of optimism among young first-time homebuyers. Despite the tight housing industry, Generation X, Millennial and Generation Z homebuyers, many of them renters, believe 2019-2020 is the right time to get into the real estate market. So what is causing this hopefulness among  young buyers in a market that is still favoring the seller?

Perceptions of Home Availability and Affordability Are Improving

According to a recent report from The National Association of Home Builders, the percentage of prospective buyers who believe finding the right home will get easier increased 16 percent since 2018.

This could be a result of record low interest rates, which allows buyers to explore more neighborhoods in this tight housing market. Also, a healthy economy with hope for future job growth, means fewer homebuyers are worried about losing their jobs.

Young Buyers Recognize the Importance of Homeownership for Their Future

The latest report from The National Association of Home Builders also revealed 20 percent of millennials are planning on buying a home in the next year.  Out of that group of millennial buyers, 75 percent of them are first-time buyers.

Many renters are realizing that paying a landlord instead of a mortgage is not cost effective. In fact, owning a home can actually save them money long term.

According to the Zillow Housing Aspirations Report, 45 percent of those surveyed said that one of their greatest regrets is renting rather than buying – which is five times the number of homeowners (8 percent) who regret buying instead of renting.

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Buyers are Willing to Expand Their Home Search

With low inventory of  homes and a market that continues to favor the seller, young homebuyers are willing to be flexible and expand their search to other zip codes or consider smaller homes with less amenities.

More Lending Options Are Available

Despite the increased optimism among young buyers, there still are still young renters that want to buy but are concerned about crippling student loan debt, lower credit scores and the inability to save for a down payment.

The good news is that more lending has opened up and provides loan products with down payment assistance, such as MSHDA Loans.

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There are also zero down loans such as VA loans and USDA loans, and there are FHA loans for those with lower credit scores.

Renters may be closer to homeownership than they think with all of the different loan products available to them.

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