Mortgage Lender in Clinton Twp. Gives Tips for Finding Your New Home

When searching for the perfect property in Metro Detroit, there are several factors to consider. How many bathrooms do you need? How many bedrooms? Is there a finished basement? How big is the yard?

One other important factor you must include in your search criteria is the actual neighborhood you will be living in.

You can have the best house but if you don’t like the community, it can make living there rather unpleasant. Keep reading for tips on how to evaluate the neighborhood before you buy.

How to Research a Neighborhood Before Purchasing a Home

What are the Schools Like?

If you have school age children this is probably a huge concern as a homebuyer.

What are the test scores like in that particular district? What are the class sizes? Will your child receive enough attention for enrichment?

Check out local school websites or even visit the schools in person. You can also review different schools by going to Even if you do not have children, areas with a good school district will often have higher property values.

What are the Taxes?

In addition to calculating the cost of your mortgage, and homeowners insurance, you will also need to know how much of your budget will be spent on property taxes.

This will depend on your home’s assessed value and the tax rate for your area. The tax rate for the area will depend on the public schools, police department, fire department and other public amenities offered.

Is There a High Crime Rate?

Finding a neighborhood that you and your family feel safe in is obviously an important factor to consider. Check out the local newspaper and look for any recent crimes that have been reported. Talk to local police departments and be sure to visit the FBI website listing crimes in the U.S.

Talk to the Neighbors

Take advantage of any opportunity to strike up a conversation which a nearby neighbor. Ask them their opinion of the area. This is another way to evaluate the crime rate as they will be aware of any break-ins or vandalisms in the neighborhood.

They may even have knowledge of other neighbors getting ready to sell their home, giving you a more desirable property option that you previously were not aware of.

What’s Nearby?

Check out Yelp to see what local restaurants are near you. Do you prefer to be in the center of it all with shopping and eateries within walking distance? Or perhaps you enjoy rural living, even if it means driving a few miles to the nearest grocery store.

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