How to Support Your Local Small Businesses During the Covid 19 Pandemic

Over the past several weeks our lives have significantly changed due to the corona virus outbreak. And among those suffering are your local small businesses. Either companies are being forced to shut down or even if they are considered essential, they are still suffering from the increased social distancing and the fact that almost everything has been put on pause.

Most of us are feeling our own financial strain right now, but if you find that you need to buy something essential, try your local store first. Your local small businesses are the heart of the community. They’re likely your neighbor, your friend or they know you by name when you walk through the door. Here are five ways you can support small local businesses during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Always Think Outside the “Big Box”

There’s a reason why big box businesses are referred to as household names – they are well-known by the public and likely come to mind when you’re looking for a product or service.

While you’re in quarantine, you still may need medications filled.  Is there a local pharmacy you can support?

Maybe your child needs school or art supplies. Check with a local shop’s website before Googling a chain website.

Try to change your mindset when shopping for essentials during the stay at home order. And when quarantine is over, continue to shop small businesses instead of running errands at a standard chain store.

Support Your Local Restaurant With Carryout

Restaurants have taken a huge hit during the stay at home order and likely will continue to suffer even when the government mandate is lifted.  We all need to eat, so one way you can support your local diner is by ordering take out – even once a week. Plus you will give yourself a night off of having to cook.

Take a Raincheck with Gift Cards

Ladies, you may not be able to visit your local salon right now but you probably cannot wait until you can!  See if you can purchase a gift card from them now to help them with continued cash flow.

Contact any small business that offers your services and ask them if you can purchase a gift card. Typically you can order them online too, so no need to leave your house or have face-to-face contact.

Share Their Social Media Posts

If you are feeling the financial strain during the pandemic, this is a great way to support your local businesses while staying within your budget.

Maybe you have a favorite home decor shop in town that’s posting their spring inventory. Your friends may not know the store even exists until you share their photos.  Friends and family may not be able to shop now, but next time they are redecorating, they might think of your local shop instead of a big box store.

Another way to support your favorite local businesses is to leave an online review.  After things slowly return to normal and consumers are researching businesses online, your positive opinion matters and can potentially influence their decision to shop there.

Check Off Your To Do List – Locally

We all have things that have to get done, and many of us are checking them off our list during quarantine to get ahead.  Here are five ways you can support local small businesses while being productive. It’s a win win!

Apply for a home loan or refinance. Planning on moving or refinancing? You don’t have to put your plans on hold. Contact a local lender and set up a web meeting.  All documents can be filed electronically through a secure network.

File your taxes.  The April 15th deadline has been extended to July 15th, so If you haven’t already filed, reach out to your local accountant before contacting the larger firms.

Auto Repairs. Auto repair and collision shops are considered essential so they can continue to serve local responders and health care workers. Contact your local repair shop in town and finally have that repair taken care of.

Computer Repairs.  Computer repair shops are also considered essential during the stay at home order. This is a perfect time to take your computer to a local repair shop as they will likely have a quicker turnaround.

Junk Removal or Recycling. If your spring clean this year involves a remodel or an excessive amount of junk removal,  contact a local junk removal or recycling company and support their small business.

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