Michigan Lender Lists 5 Things Home Buyers Overlook When Buying A Home

It may not feel like it today, but before we know it, spring will be here in Michigan. In just a couple of months there will be several open houses and eager buyers looking to put in an offer on their dream home.

The ideal home varies among each buyer. For some, a home office is a must, or maybe lots of acreage is at the top of the list. But there are several features that go unnoticed until buyers have closed and are living day-to-day in the home.

Here are 5 things Michigan home buyers overlook when considering a home.

Phone Service and Internet Connection

Years ago, this would not even be a consideration, but in today’s world, cellular service and internet connection is a must.

This is especially true with the rise in remote working.  Walk through all rooms and check your phone service.  Is the room you envision for a home office a “dead zone “?

What about internet providers? If you are moving to a rural area, what services are available? Make sure to do your research on internet speed and check the provider’s reviews. If you work from home, a poor connection may just be a deal breaker.

Safety Features

You’ve picked a safe neighborhood with a great school district, but what about the interior if the home?

If you have small children, are there sharp edges at the child’s level or open staircases that should be enclosed?

If the home has a pool, make sure there is a protective barrier or other protection to minimize the risk of accidents.

Another factor that is rarely considered when viewing a house is fire safety. Check the distance to the fire exit and make sure all sleeping areas have egress windows. Newer homes are required by law to have egress windows in all bedrooms, including the basement, but older homes may not have these emergency exits installed.

Parking Space

Your home may have a garage and/or driveway that is suitable for your vehicles but what about visitors?

If you host the holidays or simply enjoy entertaining all year round, ample parking space should be on your checklist.

You may have other concerns, for example if you drive a large truck, will it fit in the driveway? Or are there any obstacles that block your view when backing out of the driveway?

Needs for Pet Lovers

If you are a pet owner, you know that your furry friends are part of the family, so make sure they are comfortable in your living space.

Dog owners have probably already realized the need for a sizable backyard and fencing, but there are other considerations, such as the floor plan.

Is the home large enough for your dog’s breed? Will aging pets be able to handle the stairs in a multi level home?

Another consideration for both cats and dogs is a pet friendly floors. Reclaimed wood that is triple sealed is your best option, where as wall to wall carpet may not be the best option for resale.

Hidden Expenses

If you’ve ever owned a home or even rented, you’re probably familiar with the basic expenses. There’s water, heat, electricity etc. Then, there is homeowners insurance, possibly mortgage insurance and property taxes. But a new home may bring even more expenses that come as a surprise, so be sure to consider the following.

  • A larger yard or landscape design will require more maintenance costs (or more of your time).
  • If you are up-sizing, heating, cooling and electricity expenses will increase.
  • Older appliances may not be as energy efficient, resulting in higher costs.
  • Possible cost of oil or propane tanks.
  • Possible cost of well maintenance and a water filtration system.

About Michigan Lender, Julie Krumholz

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